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I present

We are what we Prana

This is a proposal for multiplication.

Multiplication of knowledge,

of moving and of Being.

The book We are what we Prana can be considered and used as a tool for daily use.

I have had the intention of writing this book for many years. It was produced gradually, with the

passing of time.Within it, there are contained the contents that contain me, those learned and re-learned for many years. We are what we Prana is all that there is in the world, the way we are, how we are educated and what we can become.

We are what we Prana is the basis of life, of our existence,

of our perception. Breathing.

Training. Content. Matter. Life. Devas. It is an approach that goes from the enjoyment of the work of art, of the image, of the photograph, of the moment, to the passage of time in breathing.

Starting with this, some breathing techniques of the ancient tradition of Yoga are presented to the reader, the enjoyer, the curious. A tradition to which we owe much gratitude because, throughout its long history, it shows us that these techniques can truly improve our lives.

Of course, we can only benefit from the results of these techniques if we practice them.

If we observe their effects on body, mind and spirit.

Breathing has power. It provides power, ability

and mind control.

The application of the ancient techniques of Yoga and Meditation

for the benefit of the wellness of everybody.

What I really wish with this project is that we can exchange

energies and knowledge,

so that the world can

experience the change.

To be different. To breathe.

To innovate.

An approach from three perspectives, but with

only one goal,

in which Art, Communication & Yoga are part of the same

Whole and are used as material for transcendence.

Humanity is facing major changes and unprecedented challenges.

We are passing from one Age to another, coming out of the Age of Pisces, dominated by machines and hierarchies, and entering the Age of Aquarius, where we will see a major change, because it is governed by conscience, information and energy.

It is a change in the inner and outer world. We can feel the changes in our perception of time and space, in relationships, lifestyle, as well as priorities.

The mind, our conductor,

is changing its sensitivity,

its frequency and its operation.

Information is available

for everyone.

Values should be incorporated into actions and character.

We must deepen our integrity as human beings. It is necessary that we trace another path,

other life goals, other relationships with the environment,

both internal and external.

It is quite clear that we, beings of this planet, urgently need a rescue. Internal to be external. A rescue with the Self, with its attribute, with our attribute. Change and learning must be constant throughout life.

We should incorporate a physical, mental and emotional flexibility, so as to have a new relationship with intuition, with emotions and with our instinct.

With our Self.

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