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Extension of Breathing.

According to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan,

we breathe on average fifteen times per minute.

If we breathe shallowly, we can breathe 24 times per minute.

We should not breathe more than eight times per minute.

An average person wanting to live healthily,

should take deep breaths and breathe only eight times per minute.

Eight times per minute should be the normal average.

“Breathe and breathe consciously.

Be aware of the value of breathing,

because this is the source of life.

Before engaging in a negative action, you should understand

that every negative thought and every negative action cause you

to breathe three times faster than normal.

Do you understand what you are doing to yourselves?

You are wasting your precious breath.

Breathing is the strength of the limited life

given to an individual.

Conquer your breathing rhythm

and you will conquer your mental attitude as well as your behavior.

When you are able to do this, then you are perfect.

You do not worry. You are safe.

Your words will never be false if they are constant with your breathing.”

(Yogi Bhajan, Praana Praanee Pranayama. Kundalini Research Institute. P.66)

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